Our guaranties

NetCorrespondance is a service of TrustMission company

TrustMission has been a pioneer in probating value exchange.
As a pioneer in hybrid ordinary and recorded delivery mail in France, TrustMission has been the first operator to provide both a solution for mail and electronic documents management and a complete chain for the dematerialization of all important documents (fax, mails, invoices). See TrustMission corporate web site : http://www.trustmission.com.

Third Party

TrustMission is a member of the FNTC (French National Trusted third parties Federation) since his creation and is authorized to do the operations relative to the data security of his customers.

As a trusted third party, TrustMission allows his users to take advantage of the recent legislative improvements.
By the modification of the 1316 civil code article and the 16 juin 2005 ordonnance, you can access to the wide legal dispositions.

Then all sent documents by our platform you have the legal opposability of the document content and the proof reverse (it's to your correspondant to make the proof of the non receiving)

Declaration at the CNIL

The TrustMission declaration in compliance with the 6 January 1978 law on Information Technology, Files and Freedoms has been registered with the number 710305.