TrustOffice FAQ

  • When I do File->Print->TrustOffice the interface appear normaly but i can't connect, why?
    a) check that you have an Internet accès by connecting to http://www.netcorrespondance.com on your web browser
    b) If you are using TrustOffice through a firewall, check that the port 443 is opened (ask your system administrator)
  • When I send a document with TrustOffice, it doesn't appear immediatly on the http://www.netcorrespondance.com
    It could take a few minutes between your action and the availibility on the web site.
  • Why TrustOffice doesn't recognize automatically color documents?
    This is to let users make their own choice between color and black and white printing, you can choose to send a black and white document even if your original document is a color one.
  • TrustOffice has generated a pdf document in a different language from the original document
    This may happen only when you try to print a pdf document with the virtual printer TrustOffice. If you want to send a pdf via TrustOffice, use the shortcut in "Start -> Program -> TrustOffice-> TrustOffice "

FAQ mail

  • When sending a recommended with AR, what to do when the notice of acceptance does not come back?
    When the notice of receipt does not come back, simply call at the sender's post office, and give the registration number of your document, after the "REGISTRED LETTER REF" label in the document details. The post office will send you a letter attesting the delivery of the mail.
    From our side, we will revive the Post Office, for the notice of acceptance haven't reached in two months.

FAQ portal

  • The balance of my account is insufficient to make a shipment, how recredit my account?
    Go into the "Account Management" section, then "Account statement" and click on "Credit my account with Paybox".