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Netcorrespondance Allow you to send any postal mail from your computer

After your registration you will receive a login and password to log on the site http://www.netcorrespondance.com

Send a letter with a simple click

1- Click on the tab Sending / Prepare new sending

Select the type of mail (ordinary, with recorded delivery, email) you want to send.
Choose between a single post (one recipient) or multiple (mailing)
Complete the recipient address or choose one in your address book
Select the Word® or PDF document you want to send
We are now processing your mail.

2- Then, go on the tab Sending / Track outgoing documents To check the final look and field of your mail and validate it definitly

Learn about other features of Netcorrespondance

You can check the history and the state of your mails, in the heading Sending / Track outgoing documents

The tab Account management You can manage your personal informations such as address, user name, and also to change your password.

You can through the tab My Statistics Realize statistics on mail sending.

In the tab My Invoices, your bills are grouped in PDF format.

The address book allows you to continuously have your correspondents addresses.
You can simply download your outlook address book (or thunderbird) as follow :

* click on the tab "address book"
* Then on the tab "Import a contact list"
* Then click on "browse" and select the address book you want to import
* See assistance to export your contacts from your Microsoft e-mail client  

You can create groups to organize your address book depending on your recipient.

Please refer to the FAQ !